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Sup’? My name is Queilah, and I am your blogger of today. To celebrate the launch of my blog, I’m sharing a classic story of the Teke-Teke.


There was once a young girl who was driving with her mother to the store.
The mother was driving very niceley until she say a deer and swerved away, getting stuck on railroad tracks. She then saw that a train was coming and tried to open the car doors, but they all were jammed. She kept trying to open it, but the train crashed into the car, and the woman’s bottom half got split apart from her top half. Her child flew out of a broken window, though. The top half grew very long nails, and the woman used them to move around. To move, she would dig her nails into the soil and it would drag her bottom half. Whenever she did, it made the noise teke teke.

One night, three children went camping in a small tent in the forest. They were all warned of the teke teke once, but they never believed it. They were told she comes out at 12:00 PM. When she flew out of the car, her eyes fell out, and so she cannot see. She only reacts to noise. None of the children snored, but if they stayed up too late…
“Hey! Let’s tell scary stories!” Said one of the children. “Ok,” said the other two, “We all can’t fall asleep anyways.” So they all stayed up late telling stories. They did not keep track of time, since none of them had watches or clocks. Soon they heard a distant noise. “Teke-Teke”. “Teke-Teke”. “Teke-Teke”. It got closer. “Teke-Teke”. “Teke-Teke”. “Teke-Teke”. They did not take any concern in it, and kept talking very loudly.
The teke teke faced their tent, sensing noise. It threw an arm forward. Teke. It threw another forward. Teke. It slowly dug it’s nails into the ground, going further, further still. It finally reached the outside of the tent. It scratched at the side. The kids turned and looked, but one said “It’s probably just a cat or something.” Then they continued talking, but lighter and slower, being very concerned.
The teke teke finally ripped open the tent’s side and the children turned. They saw human nails, and some pretty nasty ones at that. They screamed and ran. They made noises as they ran, showing the teke teke exactly where they were. Chick chick, stepping on grass. Teke-teke, it followed. It threw two arms in front at once, then pulled itself forward very fast, making a teke-slide. Teke-slide. Teke-slide. It caught one by the ankle of his jeans. It pulled him closer and shredded him into tiny pieces. Teke-slide. Teke-slide. It caught the other two at the same time and cut them in half, one by one. And that, my friends, is the story, of the teke-teke.

Part 2

The teke teke began coming out at six o clock. By then everyone knew that they should not come out by then, for if they did, they would be killed by the teketeke.
One day a girl was sent out to buy 3 bottles of milk. “Be back by 5:45!” Said her mother. But the girl saw something she wanted much more at the store. A bottle of cream for her cat. She got that, instead of the milk. She came home by 5:47. Her mother got angry at her for being late, and buying the wrong thing, but she eventually cooled off by nighttime.

The girl had a hard time falling asleep that night. She started to hear teke-slide outside. Teke-slide. Teke-slide. Teke-slide. She screamed and ran down the hallway. “MOMIEE! I HEARD TEKE TEKE!!” The mother looked at her and said, “CHARLOTTE HOW DARE YOU TRY TO SCARE ME! GO BACK TO BED!” Of course, she listened to her mother. But she heard it again, closer to her room, now. Teke-slide. Teke-slide. Teke-slide. “MOM!!! PLEASE HELP!!!” The mother looked at her daughter with concern. “Honey, why don’t you go out to the tent, and i’ll come out with you in a bit, and we’ll sleep there.” The girl got so excited, she forgot about the teke teke, and picked up her stuff and sat in the tent, patiently waiting for her mother. She then heard scratching against the tent. She looked around, and assumed it was the neighbor’s cat. “Mr. Marbles, go away!” She then thought to herself: could mom take any longer?! Then she got out of the tent to find her mother. But no sooner then she did, she saw a large, dark blob. Assuming it was the cat, she moved along. But the teke teke followed her. Teke-slide. The girl turned around, and got ripped in half.


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